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Dan’s Exclusive System and Six Formats for Starting or Expanding a Business

Discover the smartest and most profitable format to expand your business. Dan breaks down the six exclusivity formats to help you determine what makes the most sense for your business and why. You’ll sit in a meeting with Dan and about a dozen top info marketers (including Bill Glazer) as they discuss their experience using Dan’s system. Much, much more!

Five Lethal Methods for Making the Sale

Learn how to present and sell your opportunity with sure-fire results with Dan’s five favored methods of making the sale including how to create maximum urgency to buy now, an unexpected discovery Dan made that can turn a million-dollar business into a $10 million business, how to prequalify prospects and make them sell you on letting them in and much more.

Sample Documents To Save You Time And Money

Actual examples of lead generation letters, sales letters, and many other documents to help you sell these kinds of programs and expand your business.

Big Ticket Bonuses

Gain valuable insights from Dan’s three follow-up tele-seminars (a $995 value) where three participants talk about their “Big Ticket Experience.” Plus Dan’s presentation “The Psychology of Selling Opportunity” (not replicated anywhere else!)

Dan’s Entire Big Ticket Presentation

Dan’s powerful breakthrough formula for turning your new or existing business into a multi-million dollar operation, consists of seven CDs, three bonus CDS, plus a full transcript for easy study and review.

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