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Axia Futures started with a group of ambitious individuals who appreciate independent thinking and most importantly the value of ethics, honesty and friendship. We are a community of traders who are also close friends that share the same ideology on how to develop trading talent. For too long, training programmes across the city have become stale and dormant by not evolving with the changing market environment.

The Footprint Edge Course

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Why choose Axia Futures?

We are aware that contemporary learners like you require a different pattern of learning. Which is why Axia Futures provides strategies and edge development that reflects the trending tactics of the trading market and first-hand experience of successful traders and their profitable ventures.

Furthermore, Axia Futures tends to offer an experience of the market live through the trading room services that they provide. Trading events held in this room enable you to be well equipped with the market fluctuations and helps create uprising opportunities for you. It also provides an understanding of the approach and execution in the market environment and helps devise money managing and profitable trading strategies.

Services provided by Axia Futures:

The programs offered are:

  • Trader Training Career Program (London/Online)
  • Futures Trading and Trader Development
  • Trading with Price Ladder and Order Flow Strategies
  • Volume Profiling with Strategy Development
  • The Footprint Edge Course
  • Central Bank Trading Strategies
  • Elite Trader Training Pattern Development Workshops
  • Career Program April 2020 (Internal Portal)
  • News Trading on the Price Ladder Webinar