Axiafutures – Trading with Price Ladder and Order Flow Strategies

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1 – Learning Objectives, Outcomes & Methodology.
2 – Introduction to Order Flow.
3 – Course Curriculum Outline and Roadmap.
4 – What the Ladders tell you that the Charts don’t.
5 – Market Participants with Algorithms & High Frequency Trading.
6 – Auctioning Exchange and Market Velocity.
7 – Introduction to Order Flow Price Patterns.
8 – Large Orders.
8 – Replay Skill Development Drills and Test.
9 – Absorption Order Flow Events.
9 – Replay Skill Development Drills and Test.
10 – Market Flipping, Layering and Spoofing Price Patterns.
10 – Replay Skill Development Drills and Test.
11 – Trend Reversal Order Flow Indicator.
11 – Replay Skill Development Drills and Test.
12 – Momentum Breakout Order Flow Patterns.
12 – Replay Skill Development Drills and Test.
13 – Practice: Confluence of Order Flow Strategies.
14 – Evolution of Order Flow and Price Patterns.
15 – What makes an Elite Order Flow Trader.
16 – Interviews with Elite Order Flow Traders.
Bonus – Advanced Replay Drills and Practice.

  • Axia Futures started with a group of ambitious individuals who appreciate independent thinking and most importantly the value of ethics, honesty and friendship.
    We are a team of traders who are also close friends that share the same ideology on how to develop trading talent.
  • For too long, training programmes across the city have become stale and dormant by not evolving with the changing market environment.
    We know that to stay ahead of market opportunity, we need a team that shares this ethos of constant reinvention and that is why we have started Axia Futures.