Better System Trader – Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast


Better System Trader – Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast

Discover how to build emini intraday breakout strategies FAST…

Breakout trading is one of the most popular styles of trading amongst traders.

When it’s done properly, it can be incredibly profitable… But, many traders fail to build breakout strategies that actually work.

Where do they go wrong?

And how can you build profitable breakout trading strategies that actually work?

Meet Tomas Nesnidal – a breakout trading specialist

Tomas Nesnidal is a Hedge Fund manager and recognized breakout trading specialist. He has taught hundreds of students in the Czech Republic to build profitable and robust breakout strategies. In fact, some of his students have even taken these techniques to launch their own hedge funds. Tomas has appeared as a trading expert on National Television several times. Plus, he co-wrote several best-selling trading books in Czech. His work has even been published on many major trading websites and magazines.

And now Tomas is ready to share his breakout trading techniques with you, in the “Build e-mini breakout strategies fast” program.

When you join the ‘Build e-mini breakout strategies fast’ course, here’s what you’ll get:

Case studies, reports, and strategy code. These will save you valuable time and effort, so you can start using it in your trading right away,

Workbooks and cheat sheets to enhance your progress and solidify what you’ve learnt!

  • Module #1 – The 5 key components to creating powerful daytrading breakout strategies
  • Module #2 – Modelling breakout strategies quick and easy
  • Module #3 – How to design and prototype lots of daytrading breakout strategies FAST
  • Module #4 – The best emini markets and timeframes to trade with breakout strategies
  • Module #5 – Powerful steps to scale up your breakout trading FAST

Tomas’ breakout trading knowledge and experience have worked for hundreds of traders already. We know it can work for you too.

SIZE: 1 GB zipped

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Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast – Tomas Nesnidal Contents: Videos, Pdfs

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