What do you expect when taking an online course? If you would love to learn instant solutions, Day Trading Playbook will not be a gratifying course for you. Although the time frame addressed in the course is for day trading, the course deep dives into how to develop a sustainable trading edge.

The multifaceted instructions help you get a holistic view of day trading. You will learn how to eliminate emotions from trading so that you can manage your trading with data-driven analysis. The objectivity of trading can be obtained thanks to the mastery of trading psychology and timing skills.

Moreover, the instructor of this course is not just a talking head. Raghee Horner is a professional trader with expertise in trading strategy development. She has vast knowledge about trading in various instruments, such as stocks, options, futures, forex, etc. This course is like extraction of her trading experience. You can take glimpses into the workspace and a mindset of such a professional trader.

What Are The Gems That You Will Collect In The Day Trading Playbook?

The Role Of Determining The Best Time To Trade 

Day Trading Playbook points out why you should learn to get the right timing for opportune trading. There are skills and tools that you will apply to your trading for higher profits. The frameworks with flexible tactics are based on an intimate understanding of the market. Through the ups and downs in the market, they still show the effectiveness of the trading performances.

The knowledge about the skeleton of a raghee scaling strategy helps you brainstorm better ideas for trading. It is a way of making you feel more confident in your trading skills. You do not learn the tips of an iceberg. You learn how the iceberg was created! The course offers deep dives into trading for an intimate understanding.

The Key Points 

  • The elemental factors to the development of a trading strategy for the steady income flow.
  • How to maintain the stability of income growth no matter how volatile the trading market is.
  • Deep dives into the case studies where you can take the best tips for keeping high profitability for years.
  • Access to the illustrated charts, case studies, and real-life examples for practical insights into the adaptable strategies.
  • The cyclical patterns and signals of the two-hour morning day trading for the development of strategies.
  • The applications of tactics and methods to real trading are shown through the recordings of live trading sessions with Raghee.
  • How to take advantage of VWAP Max indicators and Darvas Box 2.0 for the acceleration of the entire process.
  • How to manage your trades and take advantage of insights from technical analysis for precise market forecasts.
  • How to maintain your calmness when trading in the volatile market to make clever decisions of trade actions.
  • There are still more techniques and tools that you can learn for the development of feasible strategies.

Have You Ever Heard About Raghee Horner?

Raghee Horner Library Of Trader

Raghee Horner is an expert in many trading instruments, such as forex, futures, stocks, options, etc. There are many striking methods that she has set up and modified during her trading experiences. The partnership with Simpler Trading allows Raghee to share the practical techniques and strategies with other traders.

Simpler Trading, The Top-Of-Mind Trading Platform Of Many Traders 

Simpler Trading Library Of Trader
Simpler Trading has been known for the trading methods and strategies that are applicable to the real markets. The founder is John Carter who is the master of many trading methods. The live trading sessions provide the optimal spaces for learning. You can  learn the ways experts trade and deal with adverse situations of real-time trading situations.

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