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David Zaleski is an entrepreneur, Amazon seller, podcast host, and Co-Founder of EcomHub. He’s been operating in the eCommerce space since the age of 14 years old. At the age of 18, he started his own Amazon business with just $4.8k in startup capital, and grew it to over $2.5M in sales over the span of just four years. Since then, he’s helped dozens of sellers successfully start selling on Amazon, and thousands more through his podcast and YouTube channel. He’s consulted with 8-figure ecommerce brands and was featured on Tai Lopez Knowledge Society & multiple Amazon podcasts.
Course Overview

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Welcome & Setup


FBA Academy Facebook Group

Course Overview

Mindset & Success

Meet Your Instructor David

Selling on Amazon (USA)

Selling on Amazon (Internationally)

#1 Thing I Did Right When Starting My Business

Creating Your First Amazon Account

Understand Your Budget & Expenses

How to Watch The Course At Double The Speed

Summary & Next Steps

Foundation Quiz

Resources for Welcome & Setup

Step 1 | Search
Step 2 | Source

Overview & Goals

Where To Find Suppliers

Different Types of Suppliers and How To Identify Them

How To Find Out Your Competitor’s Manufacturer

How To Prevent Competition From Stealing Your Supplier

Alibaba Walkthrough & Staying Organized

How to Talk to Chinese Suppliers (Template)

Quickest Way to Communicate

How To Order Samples

How To Bundle / How To Work With Multiple Suppliers

Getting The Best Pricing

Picking The Perfect Supplier

Ordering The Right Amount of Inventory (Budget Worksheet)

How Shipping Works

Custom Duties + HS Codes

Paying Your Suppliers

Branding & Custom Packaging


GTIN Exemption

Printing Your FNSKU

Amazon Prep Requirement


Shipping from China/USA to FBA

Summary & Next Steps

Step 2 Quiz

Resources for Step 2

Supplier Outreach Template

Step 3 | Launch

Overview & Goals

Timeline Once Your Product Arrives


Split Testing Images

Keyword Research #1

Keyword Research #2


Where Keyword Emphasis Should Go

Category Listing Report – Part 1

Category Listing Report – Part 2

Pricing Your Product for Launch

Building Your Amazon Listing

Creating Your Amazon Listing

Related Video Shorts

Enhanced Brand Content

How To Setup Coupons

Amazon Ranking & SEO

Keywords To Target for Launch

Tracking Keywords

Super URL

Amazon Early Review Program

How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Summary & Next Steps

Step 3 Quiz

Resources for Step 3

Rank & Bank | General Setup

Overview of Rank & Bank

Before Starting Rank & Bank

PPC While Doing R&B

When Should Sales Start & Keywords Improve

Monitoring Your Keywords

Creating Your Fanpage

Creating Your Business Manager

Linking Both Together

Linking Your Fanpage To ManyChat

Linking Google Drive Account to ManyChat Account


Rank & Bank | Phase I (SuperURL)

Ranking Flow Overview

Installing R&B Flow Template

R&B Ranking Flow Pre-Set Up

Finding Out The Number Of Units To Giveaway

Making R&B Super URL’s

Google R&B Rebate Tracking Sheet

Manychat R&B Overview

Flow Builder

Limiter And Expired Fields

Editing The R&B 1N2 Flow

Auto R&B Rebate Message

Editing The R&B Bans List Flow

Rebating People Via PayPal

Writing Your Ad Copy for Your Ad

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad

Testing Your Facebook Ad

Phase I Quiz

Rank & Bank | Phase II (Search Find Buy)

Overview And Switching To P2 From P1

Troubleshooting R&B Ranking Flow

Resources for Rank & Bank

Rank & Bank | Extra

Does Rank & Bank Work Outside of The USA

What To Do If Your Ranking Starts to Drop

How To Create A LLA To Lower Facebook Costs

Step 4 | Scale

Overview & Goals

Amazon Seller Support

What To Do When You Are Out of Stock

Fastest Way To Scale Your Store

Reporting Hijackers

Keeping Track of Profits (Fetcher)

Accounting Using A2X + Xero/QB

Truth About Sales Tax

Amazon Business/Product Insurance

Amazon Trademark Accelerator Program

Get A Trademark In 3 Months Or Less

Summary & Next Steps

Resources for Step 4

FeedbackWhiz Setup

Best Practices

Open Rate Subject Lines

Template Setup

Email Campaign Setup

Email Campaign Examples

Preventing Negative Reviews


How to Renegotiate Your Pricing with Your Supplier

Content Creators for Your Brand for $150/Month

Videos for EBC Without Brand Registry

Use Fiverr Photographers to Leave Photo Reviews

Recovering Funds Amazon Owes You

Using Craigslist to Your Advantage

Amazon Stealth Accounts

Resources for Bonuses

PPC Spyder Campaign

Intro to Spyder Launch Campaigns

Basic Campaign Setup

Key Terms and Basic Understanding

Adding Profitable Search Terms

Stop Bleeding and Add Negative Keywords

Master Resource PDF

Master Resource PDF for FBA Academy

FBA Academy Coaching Calls

2020/01/17 (FBA Academy Course Setup)

2020/02/07 (Q&A Session)

2020/02/21 (Q&A Session)

2020/03/06 (Q&A Session)

2020/03/13 (Q&A Session)

2020/03/21 (How to Investing During the 2020 Recession)

2020/04/03 (Selling of Non-Essential Products on Amazon During Pandemic)

2020/04/17 (How to Funnel Hack Using JungleScout Supplier Database)

2020/05/01 (Q&A Session)

2020/05/15 (Q&A + Viral Launch)

2020/05/29 (Q&A Session)

2020/06/12 (Q&A Session)

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