FuturesTrader71 webinar series (4 webinars)


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FuturesTrader71 webinar series (Four webinars)

This bundle consists of

Webinar 1: The Beginning


The fundamentals of Market Profile and my proprietary twist that brings this market public sale strategy to extra merely and constantly be within the route of the transfer. A comparability of MP and Volume Profiling is mentioned in addition to day varieties, opening varieties and the instruments wanted to do that



Webinar 2: Intermediate market Profiling


This video covers the implications of day varieties. Profile shapes and what they are saying, relationships of profiles throughout a number of days, quantity nodes, a narration of a creating profile and the significance of composites



Webinar 3: Beyond the Technicals


This is a vital video that appears at crucial side of buying and selling…YOU! It particulars the variations between a dealer who’s constant and unattached with a typical dealer who’s struggling to realize consistency after many chat rooms, books, programs and approaches have been exhausted. If something, that is the Webinar that may make the very best impression in your buying and selling whether or not you observe our strategy or use another person’s. In the tip, execution is similar



Webinar 4 Part 1: Homework & Analysis


This video covers the method of building the plan for the following buying and selling day. In this video, an in depth strategy to the following day is shared with you to be able to assess the “areas to do business” the place the perfect alternatives or the almost certainly optimistic consequence might be decided

Market Profile Basics :


What is Market Profile?

Why is it vital to know what it’s?

What are the fundamental options, terminology and acronyms utilized in Market Profile?

How are Market Profiling and Volume Profiling completely different?

Understanding market growth and why…

Day varieties

Opening Types

Market Profile’s limitations and myths

What instruments are essential to see the market correctly?

How I take advantage of it :

Why do I take advantage of Volume Profiling?

What data am I ? VPOC’s, Volume Nodes, and so forth.

Why is the in a single day public sale essential? Or is it?

What instruments am I utilizing to look inside the noise?

Putting all of it collectively…

Questions might be taken on the webinar platform on the finish of the session to stop us from going over the allotted time. I’m doing this to respect everybody’s worthwhile time away from household and different duties.


Webinar 2: Intermediate Market Profiling

This webinar is a continuation of the Basic Market Profile webinar held on May 25th, 2010. In this webinar, we’ll concentrate on the next:


Profiling the Bigger Picture –


Day Types and their implications (Does the truth that we closed on the low immediately imply something for tomorrow?)

Profile Shapes and what they’re telling us

Relationships of profiles throughout a number of days: Looking contained in the bar chart

High/Low Volume Nodes: Expected behaviors, how they’re created and why

A glance inside a creating profile: Reading a profile because it develops

Composite: Why are they essential? How can they help the choice course of?

Questions might be taken on the webinar platform on the finish of the session to stop us from going over the allotted time. I’m doing this to respect everybody’s worthwhile time away from household and different duties.


Webinar 3: Beyond the Technicals 


This webinar is prolonged for cause. Most merchants assume that their inconsistency is the results of not utilizing an indicator correctly or as a result of they don’t seem to be spending sufficient cash on higher instruments or a quicker pc. Maybe it is a matter with the variety of screens they’re utilizing or is it a operate of their distance from the futures epicenter, Chicago?



Why do you have to trouble to attend this? If any a number of of those sound acquainted to your buying and selling, then you’ll profit from exhibiting up:


You do your homework, you might be targeted when the commerce exhibits up, you wait too lengthy for “confirmation” and find yourself chasing for a a lot worse worth

You do the entire above and take the commerce on the excellent spot however then you definately shut it for a revenue inside a few ticks and watch because it runs to your deliberate goal

You do the entire above and take the commerce nevertheless it was a loser. You are actually utterly paralyzed and are too afraid to commerce once more

You take a loss and also you instantly begin blasting away to make up for it. You have traded 5 occasions as a lot as you usually do and have simply given away 75% of your account by overtrading

You watch another person commerce and all of it is sensible however then really feel utterly misplaced when it’s time so that you can put in your commerce whereas the particular person you might be watching will get all of his/her targets as deliberate

You have been at this for years and nonetheless can’t understand your dream of being constant

During this webinar, we’ll go over what might be probably the most important a part of your training. We will talk about intimately the next essential subjects:


How the prevailing wiring in our brains acts counter to what’s wanted to succeed at buying and selling

Overview of the outcomes of the ballot taking losses that was finished with followers on this weblog as pattern of what’s typical and what isn’t working

Discussion of our pure tendency and intuition in the direction of losses as ruled by our Inner Monkey

Overview of the outcomes of the ballot on the Fear of Losses or of Missed Opportunities to point out how this identifies the kind of dealer that you’re or the mind-set that you simply commerce with

The function of chances in buying and selling

What a dealer wants to come back to phrases with to interrupt the barrier

Is there a spot for instinct in buying and selling?

Next steps to interrupt this mould


Webinar 4 – Part 1: Homework


During this matter, we’ll go over the next essential features:


Completing a every day evaluation of what has occurred: Classifying the day and noting essential features and metrics

Formulating preliminary hypotheses primarily based on present motion and different inputs

Preparing “your big trading idea” for the following day

How to make use of your homework? How to not use your homework?

Completing your homework pre-open

Executing in your deliberate areas and staying out of bother

Introduction to Topic No. 4-2: Research and Analysis of Probabilities

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