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John Wayne - Gamer Elite Daygame Program

John Wayne – Gamer Elite Daygame Program

Welcome to the 16-hour online program for $400 USD. It also comes with 3 free Skype coaching for an hour each. It covers most of the effective Wayne Dating Lifestyle concepts. By effective, I don’t mean personality adjustment or lock in process nonsense.

We have a vibe system and girlfriend process instead. I mean the concepts that made my students get 80% of my students pull. This 16-hour course helped my students pull around the world. If you contacted me through Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Then the same course will be $500 USD. (I’m not allowed to release this product, as it competes against my company products. But I can release it to you with Skype coaching as an exclusive bonus. This is a full A-Z product of Wayne concepts. It covers every topic.

-Module 1, game therapy in a box. Using psychology to repair your mind = $300
-Module 2. An entire day of bootcamp filmed explaining Wayne 30 = $700 USD
-Module 3. Me as your virtual dating coach explaining every challenge = $1200
-Having short infield examples from John Wayne = priceless
-Advice that has 80% of my students pulling and 70% laid without taking a bootcamp. =$1000
-$3200 worth of coaching for a measly $150 USD. Its like having me there explain the concepts to you and demonstrating a bootcamp that is purely on social calibrations. Like I said build the foundation first before you apply the game in the Wayne Playbook. That stuff is build on top of this foundation. Master the basics first.