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Richard Arms is one of the world’s most respected stock market technicians. His expertise in this field is unparalleled, and now, with Stop and Make Money, he reveals how to profit from short-term price movements in the stock market—whether you’re buying or selling short—by accurately interpreting price/volume information and effectively employing stop orders to enter and exit positions. With this book as your guide, you’ll quickly discover how to anticipate short-term stock market moves and improve your overall trading activities.

Richard Arms, a financial consultant to institutional investors and a private portfolio manager, is a noted expert in the field of technical and market analysis. Arms has created key technical tools for understanding market price movement, which are listed daily in the Wall Street Journal and included in a variety of market analysis software programs. His Equivolume charting system is now part of the most popular stock and futures software, and his Arms Index—also known as the Short-Term Trading Index or TRIN—has become one of the most important technical tools on Wall Street. Arms received the prestigious Market Technicians Award in 1995.


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INTRODUCTION The Great Opportunity.

CHAPTER 1 Let’s Get Started.

CHAPTER 2 A Pair of Shorts.

CHAPTER 3 Why Technical Analysis?

CHAPTER 4 The Market Is Always Right.

CHAPTER 5 Equivolume Charts.

CHAPTER 6 Getting Ready to Trade.

CHAPTER 7 Choosing Your Route.

CHAPTER 8 Power Boxes.

CHAPTER 9 Okay, Let’s Buy.

CHAPTER 10 Stop Orders for Getting In.

CHAPTER 11 Stop Orders for Getting Out.

CHAPTER 12 A Play, Not a Position.

CHAPTER 13 Minding the Gaps.

CHAPTER 14 Tops and Bottoms.

CHAPTER 15 Flags, Pennants, and Rectangles.

CHAPTER 16 Support and Resistance.

CHAPTER 17 Trends and Channels.

CHAPTER 18 Targets.

CHAPTER 19 Ease of Movement and Volume-Adjusted Moving Averages.

CHAPTER 20 Is the Market Going to Go Up or Down?

CHAPTER 21 The Arms Index.

CHAPTER 22 Market Tops and Bottoms.

CHAPTER 23 In Conclusion.

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