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A fresh investment approach to an ever-changing marketIn this unique and engaging treatise on the art and science of speculation, expert S. A. Johnston combines the profitable elements of banking, bookmaking, and gambling-three other ways of making money with money-with trading, to provide readers with a fresh new approach to trading the market.

Written by a trader for a trader, Trading Options to Win gives readers a framework for using logical analysis to uncover profitable opportunities that they would otherwise miss. Johnston develops a speculative method that traders can use to consistently find and manage profitable trades.

He then backs his talk up by detailing three months worth of trades using his successful method.

For investors looking to move beyond the realms of technical and fundamental analysis, Trading Options will be the guide of choice.S. A. Johnston is a systems analyst and designer by profession.

His company, Software Systems, specializes in inventory optimization and control systems for business. Under the tutelage of Fredric B. Fitch and Richmond Thomason, he became the first graduate of Yale to receive a BA in logic.

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