Shay Horowitz – Momentum Scalping for Profits


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Shay Horowitz – Momentum Scalping for Profits

Shay Horowitz  – Momemtum Scalping For Profits – Maximizing Profits Through Aggressive Entry Techniques

Entry techniques that achieve instant profits and can drastically reduce your stopouts.

How to find the best stocks for scalping

  • Understanding level 2 screens
  • Market makers and how to beat them
  • Understanding size, spreads and liquidity
  • Using level 2 screens to pinpoint your entries
  • Using level 2 screens to reduce your risk
  • Finding momentum and instant profits using level 2
  • Videos include live examples that show you exactly how to use the system

Tables Of Contents

1 Momementum Scalping For Profits
2 Momementum Scalping Defined
3 Advantages Of Scalping
4 Active Stocks
5 Level Two Execution
6 Time And Sales
7 Market Makers
8 ECNs
9 Bid
10 Offer
11 Size Isn’t Everything
12 Price Levels – Tiers
13 Market vs. Limit
14 Spreads
15 Liquidity
16 Go With Strength
17 Finish Them Off
18 Separation
19 Profit Taking
20 Risk Management
21 It’s All About The Entry
22 Technical Analysis
23 More Charting Techniques
Live Examples
Gilead Sciences
KLA Tencor Corp