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The best part? Giving her these kind of orgasms is actually easier and takes less effort than regular ones, and yet it feels 10 times stronger and more pleasurable for her!

If you’ve ever wanted to give your woman the most powerful orgasm she’s ever had in her life, instantly elevating you to the status of the best lover she’s ever had, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about. My name is Gabrielle Moore, and I’m about to show you how you can create this fantastic experience for your woman as early astonight, and then anytime you want from now on.

I’m talking about giving her an orgasm that is so strong, it actually makes her body convulse uncontrollably because the waves of pleasure are more intense than anything she’s felt before.

Imagine having sex with your wife or girlfriend, and you just finished giving her THAT kind or orgasm…

She’s drenched with sweat, and she looks up at you with awe… and with the kind of respect reserved only for the man she considers to be the best lover she’s ever had.

Once you do what I’m about to teach you, a whole new world opens up to you. Instead of you being the one who initiates sex, you’ll be surprised to discover that…


Suddenly Now SHE Is The One Who Initiates Sex With You!

And she does it enthusiastically!

Imagine having almost magical powers over her libido, because she knows that you’re the only guy who can set her off like a BOMB in the bedroom!



And… you’ll be able to easily give her these insane, squirting orgasms Even If…

Even if she’s had difficulty having orgasms in the past

Even if one or both of you are inexperienced with sex. After all, there’s no point in wasting years with awkward trial and error when you can learn how to be amazing in bed right now.

Even if you’re not sure where the g-spot is and how to find it (don’t worry, I’ll show you).

You can do this even if she says she can’t have squirting orgasms (every woman can have them as long as you know how to give them to her).

And… even if you’ve tried to stimulate the g-spot in the past and it hasn’t worked, you can still produce the kind of mind blowing orgasms that make her squirt all over your bed… once you know the secrets that make it work.


This isn’t something you have to wait to experience SOMEDAY, or something you’ll be able to do “eventually”.

I call this program Squirting Orgasm Secrets, and here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

The “secret” sex position that almost forces a woman to have a squirting g-spot orgasm during penetration. And the crazy part is… SHE does most of the work, but youget all the credit.

How to give her the elusive double orgasm (this is where she has both a clitoral and g-spot orgasmsimultaneously).

You’ll also learn the Full Immersion Position which instantly puts her in the right head space to have a squirting g-spot orgasm. Most guys have never done this before, but it’s insanely powerful because of what it does to her mind to get her ready to climax.

One simple technique that compels her to give youpleasure while you’re driving her crazy “down there”. This alone will make sex much more enjoyable for you too!

The single most important thing you must do when she’s about to have a squirting orgasm. If you skip this step, you’ll accidentally block her orgasm, so make sure you learn this.

Word for word… what kind of things you can say that instantly relax her and get her ready for the deep pleasure of a squirting orgasm. It’s important that you include this step, because her makes her orgasm come soooo much more easily.

A unique sex position that gets you DEEP inside her and makes you seem 50% “bigger” down there. This is the same position that’s used in many adult movies because it looks and feels really hot. Nothing makes a woman more submissive than being dominated by deep penetration, and now you’ll be able to do that anytime you want.

I’ll also show you one simple change you can try the next time you penetrate her that automatically makes you go deeper inside her. And… it also makes her feel tighter. This is so amazing, I bet it’s the first thing you’ll try.

You’ll learn one VERY important thing you must tell her before she gets on top of you and has a squirting orgasm. Believe it or not, men have gotten hurt down there because they forget to tell her to do this one thing before she orgasms.

One common mistake a lot of men make during sex, because they think women enjoy it. It turns out that many women find this annoying and it instantly kills their mood. Are you making this mistake too?

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