The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy – Instant Download!

The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

Learn how to sell anything to anybody. You will also learn why you lose deals. Unlike other sales courses, you will learn a completely unconventional and different approach so you can stand out from the pack and crush your quota.






The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

This course is not for everybody. Only join if…

1) You are 110% committed to leveling up your sales game 

You will actually put into practice the things you learn. Don’t just go through the course, you must apply it.

2) You have a burning desire to understand communication 

Sales is a core Life skill and the only way to really master it is to have a willingness to learn and an open mind. Once you go down the rabbit hole, you can’t unsee it. Few understand.

3) You’ve tried my free content on Twitter and saw for yourself they work. 

My approach is unconventional and requires you to BELIEVE that being contrarian is the right way to go. If you’re still on the fence then don’t buy, the course won’t work for you.

What they’re saying…

The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

In my industry, it’s tough to actually get prospects on the phone and I knew that if I had a great email strategy then I would be a killer rep. BowTiedSalesGuy gave me a step-by-step email strategy that is applicable to any sales role.

Other solutions on the market are very canned, impersonal, and will have prospects laughing at you behind your back. With BTSG’s email strategy, I have 100% confidence in my ability to get any decision maker’s attention that will lead to ink. Do yourself and your career a favor and invest in BTSG’s course today.

Alex Mendoza




The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

I came to BTSG for 1 on 1 consulting for help on 3 final round interviews to lockdown my first career 100k US token. Just speaking to him once you can hear by his language he knows what he’s talking about. He helped me understand my weaknesses, my tone of voice, and have a better understanding of re-framing myself going into these interviews.

I landed 2 of 3 offers (including my top choice) and chose my top choice SaaS company. Bet on yourself and find people like BTSG to help you through your journey.

Raul Guitron



The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

After 2 calls, I wanted to emphasize that BTSG is 100% the man. Using frame the way he describes is a cheat code. Calls with prospects are easier to navigate with the frame approach in the back of my mind. And you learn quickly the same concepts apply to almost every other interaction (with women esp).

I would say my return on investment was easily 10x it’s only been a few months. Looking forward to the course and fatter commission checks.



The results speak for themselves…

The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuyThe Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuyThe Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

What’s Inside:
Part 1: Frames – The Art (and Science) of Communication

  • Learn what Frames are
  • The most common Frames AND How to Break them
  • Learn what is Status and How to play the Frame Game

Part 2: Leveraging Psychology for Sales Success

  • How to manipulate perception
  • Learn how to paint pictures for prospects
  • Learn how to get the prospect to sell themselves

Part 3: The Chad Salesman

  • The 3 traits you MUST master
  • Learn all the mistakes amateurs make and how to avoid them

Part 4: Winning the Sales Game

  • Selling through Value vs Status
  • Frame Battle: You vs the Prospect
  • What the Ideal B2B Sales Process looks like
  • How to Nail Discovery
  • How to Crush your Demos
  • Learn how to handle Objections with Finesse
  • How to *actually* prospect
  • Commanding attention on Follow up
  • Body language tips

Bonus Downloads

  • 12+ bonus downloads (many of which you have not seen on my Twitter)
  • Bonuses include:
  • Cold call scripts
  • Cold email sequences
  • 9 Status Hacks
  • Discovery Call checklist
  • Tonality
  • Handling Inbound leads
  • Frame Cheat Sheet
  • And more!

The Chad Salesman Course By BowTied SalesGuy

Meet SalesGuy
Hey, I’m BowTiedSalesGuy.

I’m a salesman with over a decade of experience.

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned and helping salespeople all over the world level up and avoid the painful mistakes I’ve made over my career.

Much of what you’ll learn in this course cannot be found elsewhere, for I was trained by an Elite Dealmaker who taught me things that very few people know.

My purpose as a cartoon is to help you succeed in Sales.

Everyone should have access to cutting-edge information that can quite literally save you YEARS of time and energy making mistakes AND skyrocket your performance.

That is my commitment to you and is the purpose of creating this course.

Here’s to your success,