The Full Body Orgasm by Gabrielle Moore

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The Full Body Orgasm takes an explicit, tantalizing look into the world of full-body female orgasms.

What’s more, the Full Body Orgasm comes as a downloadable audio book!

Yes, you actually hear my voice as I take you through each step of giving your lover her virgin squirting, throbbing orgasm!

She’ll LOVE the feast after all these years of sex starvation!



The 3 most common reasons that prevent women from reaching an orgasm during sex… and how you can overcome them

How to turn good orgasms into great, mind-blowing orgasms she’ll remember for weeks!
How to stimulate your lover’s G-spot for an intense G-spot orgasm!
The truth about orgasmic threesomes… It’s NOT what you think!
The art of prolonging her sexual pleasure… by prolonging her orgasms! Yes, it’s actually possible to make her orgasms last LONGER!
The 4-second breath trick to hotter, more intense orgasms
How to go from having one orgasm… to having multiple, full-body orgasms in a single session!
The 7 secret steps to help your lover achieve multiple orgasms
The truth about simultaneous orgasms – Achieving an orgasm at the exact same timeas your lover. It’s possible if you follow these steps!
Sex positions that can greatly facilitate simultaneous orgasms
What to do if your lover can’t achieve that elusive orgasm, no matter how hard you try
And many more!


Remember – The Full Body Orgasm is your frank, straight-talking guide to female orgasms!

There’s nothing like hearing my voice as I personally describe, blow-by-blow, the techniques of pleasuring your lover into that rapturous orgasm… with her in your arms!

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