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Advanced Trading Strategies: Adaptive Trade Management System

Teacher: Jerremy Alexander Newsome   Duration: 8h 49m   Level: Intermediate



Class 1: Introduction to the Covered Call: Business, our possession and the fitting to promote                 2h 0m

Class 2: Insuring your Business                                                                      2h 0m

Class 3: The Dynamic Collar                                                                 2h 0m

Class 4: Build your personal Mutual Fund                                                           1h 50m

Bonus Videos

Stops on lined calls in OX                                                                 0h 20m

Selling Naked Puts, The Collar, The Covered Put (OX/OH)               0h 18m

Updates on FB/APPL from class 10/28/13                                           0h 6m

Updates on FB from class. 11/5/13                                                       0h 5m

Placing a cease on a put sale                                                                    0h 4m

Dynamic Collar Initiated on FB 11/11/13                                             0h 6m