New Foundations for Auction Market Trading – Tom Alexander

New Foundations is a six part, comprehensive and intense course in trading auction market concepts / market profile. The course offers thorough and practical training on our methodology that is based on Auction Market Concepts. It may be the only course available that puts Market Profile into the perspective for which it was originally intended, and it covers in detail the history and evolution of Market Profile. Any “Market Profile” trader, or anyone that is considering using Market Profile in any way in their trading should take this course.

This is a unique opportunity to accomplish in four weeks what most traders never achieve! A Trade Plan personally designed to fit your goals, that works! This is not a canned template. It is a comprehensive guided workshop to walk you though every detail of developing your Trade Plan. I am Tom Alexander and have thirty-two years of screen-based trading experience. I have over twelve years of formal trading education experience. I know what, why and how because of my personal experience with my own trading and because of my experience over the past twelve years of working with other traders. I am your guide every step of the way. Every phase of developing a Trade Plan is covered in this workshop course. It is expected that at the end of four weeks every trader will have a written trade plan that they have started to TEST, REFINE, EDIT, ADJUST and TRADE. This will be a track you can run on for the rest of your trading career.


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