Bkforex – Ultimate MT4 Course


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Bkforex – Ultimate MT4 Course

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Get Bkforex – Ultimate MT4 Course at tradingcoursezone.com


Use Smart Scripts to Trade Forex Better
>> Become MT4 Pro in Just a Few Hours!

+ From Beginner to Advanced + 9 FREE Trading Scripts
+ PLUS 1 Hour of LIVE MT4 Training with Boris!
+ Automate Your Trades with ZERO Programming Knowledge
+ Everything You Need to Know to Setup and Trade with MT4
+ Customize Your Scripts, Indicators EAs
+ SEE How Trading with MT4 Can SAVE You Money
+ Crash Proof Your Portfolio with MT4 Shortcuts & Cheatsheet

INCLUDED: What’s in YOUR (MT4) Bag of Goodies?


Instant Market Buy and Sell scripts that automatically execute the order in proper size with preset stop and preset take profit in less than 100 milliseconds

Limit and Stop Buy and Sell Scripts that can open multiple orders with exponential multipliers — perfect for grid traders

Script that can Modify any Take Profit or Stop AFTER the trade is live

Script that can change all of your charts to a pre-define template in one click

Script that will instantly close any pending or live orders for a single pair

Script that will instantly close any pending or live orders for all open pairs


An Expert Advisor that will activate a Trail Stop to ensure the winning trade never turns negative

An Expert Advisor that will Enter a Trade a Specific TIME and will trail the stop to you specifications — Great for trading event risk like US Non-Farm Payrolls

An Expert Advisor that will close ALL TRADES as account reaches specified dollar loss — great for total risk control

An Expert Advisors that will close ALL TRADES at a specified TIME — Great if you want to be all in cash at the end of the day or ahead of the week-end.

1. Forex Trading – Foreign Exchange Course

  • Want to learn about Forex?

    Foreign exchange, or forex, is the conversion of one country’s currency into another.
    In a free economy, a country’s currency is valued according to the laws of supply and demand.
    In other words, a currency’s value can be pegged to another country’s currency, such as the U.S. dollar, or even to a basket of currencies.
    A country’s currency value may also be set by the country’s government.
    However, most countries float their currencies freely against those of other countries, which keeps them in constant fluctuation.

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